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best korean bbq singapore

Korean BBQ has been taking the world by storm, and Singapore is no exception. Whether you’re a fan of juicy cuts of meat or looking for unique dining experiences, Singapore’s vibrant Korean BBQ scene has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Korean BBQ in Singapore, the top Korean BBQ restaurants, the art of Korean BBQ, and everything in between to help you discover the best Korean BBQ in Singapore.

The History of Korean BBQ in Singapore

The Arrival of Korean BBQ in Singapore

While Korean cuisine has been enjoyed in Singapore for decades, Korean BBQ did not become popular until the 1990s. It all started with the opening of Tong 82 Korean BBQ restaurant in Chinatown. As Singaporeans started to develop a taste for Korean food, more Korean BBQ restaurants began to appear in the city-state. Today, Korean BBQ has become a staple in Singapore’s food culture.

The Unique Flavors of Korean BBQ

One of the reasons why Korean BBQ has become so popular in Singapore is because of the unique flavours that it offers. Unlike other types of BBQ, Korean BBQ is marinated in a variety of sauces and spices, giving it a distinct taste that is both savoury and sweet. Some of the most popular sauces used in Korean BBQ include gochujang, a spicy chilli paste, and ssamjang, a savoury soybean paste.

The Evolution of Korean BBQ Restaurants

Since the arrival of Korean BBQ in Singapore, Korean BBQ restaurants have evolved to suit the preferences and needs of diners. While some restaurants offer high-end, premium meat cuts and tableside grilling, others cater to customers on a budget, offering affordable all-you-can-eat options.

The Rise of Korean BBQ Buffets

In recent years, Korean BBQ buffets have become increasingly popular in Singapore. These buffets offer customers the opportunity to try a wide variety of meats and dishes, all for a fixed price. Some of the most popular Korean BBQ buffets in Singapore include K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet and Seoul Garden HotPot & BBQ.

The Future of Korean BBQ in Singapore

As Singapore’s food culture continues to evolve and grow, it is likely that Korean BBQ will remain a popular choice among diners. With new and innovative Korean BBQ restaurants opening up all the time, there is always something new to try and experience. Whether you are a fan of traditional Korean BBQ or prefer to try something a little more modern, there is sure to be a Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore that will satisfy your cravings.

Top Korean BBQ Restaurants in Singapore

best korean bbq singapore
Image source: Wang Dae Bak

For those in search of the best-quality meats and top-notch dining experiences, Singapore has plenty of premium Korean BBQ restaurants to choose from. One such restaurant is Wang Dae Bak, known for its charcoal-grilled premium beef cuts, live seafood, and Korean-style marinated meats.

Guiga Korean BBQ

best korean bbq singapore
Image source: Samuel Ha

Another popular option is Guiga Korean BBQ, which offers a luxurious, upscale atmosphere and a wide range of premium meat cuts, including Wagyu beef. The best part about the meat is how they have its own touch to classic Korean gochujang marinates. They taste just right to be grilled after.

Ssikkek BBQ

best korean bbq singapore
Image source: Ssikkek BBQ

On the other end of the price scale, there are also plenty of affordable Korean BBQ options in Singapore. Ssikkek BBQ is a popular chain that offers unlimited servings of meat and sides at wallet-friendly prices. The best thing is they do not only have options for samgyeopsal but they also have varieties that are cooked already in case you’re already hungry and just waiting to cook the meat on the grill.

K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet

best korean bbq singapore
Image source: Jayon See

Another affordable option is K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet, where diners can enjoy all-you-can-eat meat and a variety of Korean dishes at reasonable prices. While they are affordable, most diners are impressed with their marinated meat as they do come tender and flavourful without overpowering each other.

I’m Kim Korean BBQ

best korean bbq singapore
Image source: I’m Kim Korean BBQ

For those looking for something out of the ordinary, Singapore has no shortage of unique Korean BBQ experiences. For example, I’m Kim Korean BBQ is famous for its 9-meter-long conveyor belt, which brings different cuts of meat and side dishes right to your table. Also, make sure you catch promos like the 4+1 they implement from time to time – that’s more for everyone!

The Art of Korean BBQ

Essential Ingredients and Side Dishes

At the heart of Korean BBQ is the delicious meat, which is often marinated for hours in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and other spices. But it’s not just about the meat – Korean BBQ is also known for its variety of side dishes, which typically include kimchi, pickled vegetables, and rice. These side dishes help to balance out the rich flavour of the meat and provide a range of tastes and textures for diners.

Grilling Techniques and Tips

One of the best things about Korean BBQ is the interactive nature of the dining experience, where diners get to cook their meat right at the table. To achieve the perfect grill, it’s important to pay attention to the meat’s cooking time, temperature, and seasoning. One tip is to avoid overcrowding the grill, which can lead to uneven cooking and tough meat.

Pairing Korean BBQ with Drinks

Korean BBQ is often enjoyed with a cold beer or soju, a Korean distilled spirit. However, diners can also pair their meat with other drinks, such as Korean rice wine or cola. One popular Korean BBQ drink is makgeolli, a sweet, milky rice wine that complements the bold flavours of the meat.

Exploring Singapore’s Korean BBQ Scene

Popular Korean BBQ Neighborhoods

If you’re looking to indulge in some of Singapore’s best Korean BBQ, there are several neighbourhoods worth exploring. One popular area is Tanjong Pagar, which has a high concentration of Korean restaurants, including some of Singapore’s top Korean BBQ spots. Another neighbourhood to explore is the CBD area, which boasts a mix of premium and affordable Korean BBQ restaurants.

Korean BBQ Buffets and All-You-Can-Eat Options

For those who can’t get enough of Korean BBQ, there are plenty of buffets and all-you-can-eat options in Singapore. Apart from Ssikkek BBQ and K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet, other popular options include KIM’s Family Food Korean BBQ Buffet and Mookata Korean BBQ Buffet. These restaurants offer a wide range of meat, sides, and drinks, making them a great value for diners.

Late-Night Korean BBQ Spots

Korean BBQ is not just for lunch or dinner – there are also several late-night Korean BBQ spots in Singapore for those who crave grilled meat after hours. One popular spot is Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ, which is open till 2 am and serves up juicy cuts of Korean-style marinated pork and beef. Another late-night option is Kko Kko Na Ra, which boasts a lively, party atmosphere and is open till midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends.


Whether you’re a Korean BBQ aficionado or a curious foodie looking to explore new dining experiences, Singapore’s Korean BBQ scene has something for everyone. From premium restaurants to affordable buffets, and unique concepts to traditional fare, this article has shown that Singapore’s Korean BBQ scene is diverse and vibrant. So grab your tongs and get ready to discover the best Korean BBQ in Singapore.