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Eryn Deedee
IT Engineer and Travel Blogger from Singapore


  • Dual expertise in IT engineering and travel blogging, offering unique insights into both fields.
  • Passionate about sharing travel and money-saving tips for fellow adventurers.
  • Enthusiastic explorer of new places and food connoisseur.
  • Aspires to transition into a full-time travel blogger.


  • Eryn Deedee is not your average IT engineer; she’s also a dedicated travel blogger with a penchant for exploring the world while keeping a close eye on the budget. With her roots in Singapore, Eryn brings a unique perspective to her travel advice, combining technology and wanderlust to offer invaluable tips.
  • In her professional role, Eryn serves as an IT engineer in a digital bank, where she manages AWS servers, ensuring the digital infrastructure runs smoothly. Her technical prowess complements her travel blogging, enabling her to provide readers with well-rounded insights.
  • Eryn’s writing philosophy is grounded in her love for exploration, both in terms of new places and culinary adventures. She believes that travel is about experiencing the world through local cuisine and sharing those gastronomic delights with her audience.
  • Beyond her professional commitments, Eryn dedicates time to her hobbies, which include hitting the gym, participating in marathons, and indulging in her love for food.


  • Eryn earned her degree from NTU Singapore, a prestigious institution that has equipped her with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in both IT engineering and travel blogging.


  • Eryn’s travel expertise has been featured on “IEatAndEat.com,” where she shares her travel tips and culinary adventures, enriching the platform with her unique insights.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Outside of her busy professional life, Eryn is an avid fitness enthusiast, frequently hitting the gym and taking part in marathons. Her passion for food tasting also aligns with her love for travel, making her a well-rounded connoisseur of global cuisines.

Future Goals

Eryn’s ultimate goal is to transition into a full-time travel blogger, allowing her to share her wanderlust and expertise with a broader audience. Her journey towards this aspiration is marked by a commitment to explore new places, savor local flavors, and inspire others to embark on their adventures.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast looking for travel tips or a fellow wanderer seeking budget-friendly advice, Eryn Deedee’s blog is your gateway to a world of adventure. Join her as she combines IT expertise with a passion for exploration, one destination at a time.