How To Go to Artscience museum

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Looking to weave through the heart of Singapore’s artistic brilliance and scientific discoveries? Figuring out how to go to the ArtScience Museum is simpler than one might think. Situated in the bustling Marina Bay area at 6 Bayfront Avenue, this fascinating destination is accessible by various means tailored to your convenience.

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How To Go to Artscience museum BY MRT

Getting There By MRT: Bayfront Station Exits

Bayfront MRT Exit D

Bayfront MRT Station serves as the nearest and most convenient public transit point for accessing the ArtScience Museum. With three different exits, you can choose the path that best suits you:

  • Exit D: A brisk 7-minute walk through the scenic surroundings.
  • Exit B: An 11-minute stroll, immersing you in the vibrant Marina Bay atmosphere.
  • Exit C: A serene 17-minute walk, allowing you to enjoy more of the city’s impressive skyline.

How To Go to Artscience museum BY Bus

Navigating Singapore bus routes to ArtScience Museum is straightforward with several convenient stops nearby. Buses such as 97, 106, 518, and 133 make stops at locations a short walk away:

Bus stop locations
  • Marina Bay Sands Theatre Bus Stop: Only an 8-minute walk from the museum.
  • Bayfront Station /Marina Bay Sands: A brief 12-minute jaunt to your destination.

How To Go to Artscience museum BY Private taxi

For those who prefer the privacy of a personal vehicle or the ease of a taxi or private hire car, the ArtScience Museum ensures a hassle-free experience with:

You can drop off at the Shoppes/Casino, swiftly putting you a 7-minute walk away from the museum.

Drop off point location

Walking or Cycling: Scenic Routes and Landmarks

Opt for a green mode of travel by walking to ArtScience Museum or explore cycling routes Singapore offers. Enjoy the delightful scenic paths to ArtScience Museum, passing by landmarks like Merlion and Gardens by the Bay, enhancing your visit with a touch of Singapore’s natural beauty.

Walking route to artscience museum

Plan your trip to artscience museum

As you plan your adventure to artscience museum, remember that the museum is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Wear comfortable shoes for the extensive exploration, and duck the crowds by visiting during off-peak times. Pre-booking tickets via online platforms is another tip for a smoother entrance, enhancing the overall visit and allowing more time to be spent immersed in innovation.