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Mandai Bird Paradise

Welcome to Mandai Bird Paradise, a vibrant tapestry of nature’s finest melodies, nestled within the heart of Singapore. As a premier bird sanctuary and nature reserve, we are dedicated to the preservation and celebration of avian species through bird conservation efforts that inspire all who visit. With a rich tableau of birdlife, our sanctuary is a haven for over 3,500 birds representing 400 unique species, making us not just a park, but a living mosaic of winged wonders. Join us as we soar into the world of these fascinating creatures and discover the beauty that takes flight in every corner of Mandai Bird Paradise.

Key Takeaways

  • Mandai Bird Paradise is an immersive bird sanctuary embedded in Singapore’s nature reserves.
  • Home to over 3,500 birds from 400 different avian species, offering a diverse glimpse into the world of winged wildlife.
  • Dedication to bird conservation is reflected in the carefully curated habitats and educational programs.
  • A perfect blend of natural beauty and conservation science, creating a unique and informative experience.
  • Our park is an essential destination for avian enthusiasts and families seeking connection with nature.

Welcome to Mandai Bird Paradise – A Treasure Trove of Avian Wonders

Amidst the bustling urban landscape of Singapore lies a serene escape where the symphony of bird calls fills the air, and a spectrum of feathers can be seen darting through lush habitats. Our Mandai Bird Paradise offers an unparalleled bird watching experience, housing an impressive collection of 3,500 birds from 400 different species. We invite families, bird enthusiasts, and curious minds to partake in our educational fun, as we provide a seamless blend of learning and play within an avian wonderland.

Discover Over 3,500 Birds Across 400 Species

Whether you’re an avid birder or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, our bird park extends a kaleidoscope of avian species—from the radiant loris to the regal pelicans, and the whimsical flamingos to the imposing emus and cassowaries. As you traverse through our habitats, each chirp, squawk, and song gives rise to a living, breathing encyclopedia of bird life. Allow us the pleasure of guiding you through the painstakingly recreated ecosystems that celebrate both the diversity and the unity of our avian friends.

Family-Friendly Attractions and Play Areas at Mandai Wildlife West Entry

The journey begins even before you step through the gates. At Mandai Wildlife West Entry, an array of play areas awaits, echoing the vibrancy of native Singapore species. The **Pangolin Hideout** beckons young adventurers to climb and slide, emulating the unique movements of this shy creature. Meanwhile, the **Forest Stream Trail** offers a discovery pathway through log-like structures and mangrove root mazes. We believe that play is an essential thread in the fabric of family life, and here, it is seamlessly woven with nature’s own designs, all readily accessible without an entry fee.

Planning Your Visit – Tickets, Discounts, and More

Embarking on a journey to Mandai Bird Paradise holds the promise of encountering the wonders of our feathered friends while enjoying the serene beauty of their natural habitat. To ensure that your visit is as enriching as it can be, we have gathered insightful tips and essential information about ticket promotionsbird feeding timesanimal show times, and ticket prices, set to make your experience both memorable and affordable.

Discover the enchantment of avian performances with our schedule of animal shows, where birds display their incredible talents and natural behaviors. We encourage you to plan around these show times, as they are some of our most sought-after attractions. Witness our winged residents up close during our bird feeding sessions—a truly interactive experience that will delight visitors of all ages.

For the savviest of adventurers, keeping an eye on our ticket promotions can lead to significant savings, particularly with our Local Residents’ Exclusive Promo, which is currently offering a 20% discount on entry fees for those with an existing WildPass. This is our way of saying thank you for being part of the Mandai Bird Paradise community—that together, we celebrate the beauty of bird conservation.

Ticket Type Standard Price Promotional Price Available Promotions
Adult $43.20 $34.56 Local Residents’ Exclusive Promo*
Child $29.70 $23.76 Local Residents’ Exclusive Promo*
Senior Citizen $20.00 $16.00 Local Residents’ Exclusive Promo*

Our ticket prices are testament to our efforts in making Mandai Bird Paradise an accessible sanctuary for all. As you plan your visit, we invite you to relish in the harmonious concoction of education, nature, and fun that we have fine-tuned for an audience that is as diverse as the species we nurture. We take pride in ensuring that our pricing is transparent and offers value, reflective of our commitment to bird conservation and the shared joy of discovery

*Promotions are time-sensitive and subject to terms and conditions.

Rest assured, we continuously strive to provide you with the most informative and enjoyable experience possible. We are excited to welcome you and offer you a peek into the life of these majestic creatures that make Mandai Bird Paradise a world-class avian haven.

Navigating the Havens – The Bird Paradise Map and Exhibits

At Mandai Bird Paradise, we’ve designed a sanctuary that is as educational as it is enchanting. Our visitors are equipped with the Mandai Bird Paradise map, a key tool to navigate through an array of bird habitats and specialized aviaries. This integral part of our bird conservation efforts provides an insightful pathway to marvel at a diverse range of avian species, each thriving within their faithfully recreated ecosystems.

Explore the Nine Unique Walk-Through Aviaries

For those seeking a journey through diverse aviary ecosystems, our map will guide you to nine unique walk-through aviaries. Each one is a microcosm of different world habitats, meticulously tailored to support the birds that dwell within. The Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands, for example, features avifauna that embody a colorful slice of biodiversity, set against a stunning massive waterfall backdrop. Each aviary is a haven unto itself, a place for our avian species to fly freely, and a space for visitors to step into the world these birds call home.

A Multi-Level Penguin Cove for an Antarctic Experience

Our dedication to bird habitats extends to the enchanting realms of the Antarctic at the multi-level Penguin Cove. Here, the charm of the Gentoo and King Penguin unfolds amidst the magical projection of Aurora Australis. This immersive experience brings you closer to these exquisite creatures and is a testament to our commitment to encompass all facets of bird life, from the tropical songbirds to the waddling wonders of the far south.

Showtimes and Interactive Experiences at Bird Paradise

At Mandai Bird Paradise, we are dedicated not only to bird conservation but also to creating memorable interactive experiences for our visitors. Our bird park is alive with a variety of shows and learning opportunities, where the beauty and complexity of avian life are on full display. Here, you can dive into the world of our feathered friends and immerse yourself in the wonders they have to offer.

Sky Amphitheatre: Witness Raptors in Action

In the heart of our bird sanctuary, the Sky Amphitheatre offers a spectacular venue for Mandai Bird Paradise shows. Marvel at the power and grace of raptors, like the majestic White-bellied Sea Eagle, as they soar overhead in thrilling displays of their natural instincts and abilities. Our shows are carefully designed to entertain while highlighting the importance of bird conservation, allowing you to gain a deeper appreciation for these spectacular predators of the sky.

Keeper Talks: Learn from the Experts About Avian Care

Complementing our shows are the informative keeper talks, where our expert staff share their wealth of knowledge on avian care. These interactive experiences provide valuable insights into the daily lives and conservation efforts for birds within our park. As you engage with our keepers, you’ll learn about the specific needs and behaviors of different species, strengthening the connection between our visitors and the birds we are so passionate about protecting.

Whether you’re observing the dynamic hunts of raptors at the Sky Amphitheatre or absorbing knowledge during our keeper talks, each moment spent at Mandai Bird Paradise is an educational journey. We are proud to offer a variety of interactive experiences that highlight the spectacle of bird life, celebrating the wonders of nature while reinforcing the significance of bird park conservation work. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you, as together, we foster a love for the avian world.

Convenient Access and Amenities

Ensuring easy access to Mandai Bird Paradise is our priority, making sure every visitor can arrive and depart with ease. Located at the heart of Singapore’s ecological sanctuaries, our bird sanctuary provides various transportation options that cater to the individual needs of our guests.

For guests who prefer public transportation, the MRT networks render our nature reserve effortlessly reachable. Nearby MRT stations coupled with connecting bus services, including the expedient Mandai Khatib Shuttle, facilitate a smooth journey from the bustle of the city to the tranquil ambiance of our bird paradise. It’s a short and scenic travel from urban to wild, letting you transition from cityscapes to nature’s embrace in less than an hour.

Transport Option Detail Timing Price Noteworthy
Mandai Khatib Shuttle From Khatib MRT (NS14) to Mandai Wildlife West 8:30am – 11:40pm Adult: S$2
Child: S$2
Free return trip
Every 10 – 15 mins interval
Bus Service Buses 138 connect to MRTs Varies Depends on journey Regular MRT linking
Taxis & Private Hire Available at designated stands On-demand Metered fares $3 surcharge from 1.00pm-11.59pm
Car Car Park 1 at Mandai Wildlife West 24/7 First hour: S$3
Subsequent: S$2/h
Max. charge: S$10/entry

For our visitors choosing personal transport, the journey to our bird sanctuary offers a scenic and tranquil drive. With comprehensive parking at the Mandai Wildlife West and East Car Parks, equipped with electronic payment systems, parking at our nature reserve is convenient and secure. Experience the wonders and beauty of our bird paradise without the fret of finding a spot. Our parking amenities ensure that your visit starts and ends with peace of mind.

We, at Mandai Bird Paradise, deem the accessibility and experience of our guests paramount. We have worked diligently to provide transport options that complement every individual’s preference for a stress-free visit to our illustrious bird sanctuary. Join us and discover why our visitors consistently find beauty, both in the journey to and within our cherished nature reserve in Singapore.

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Commitment at Mandai Bird Paradise

At Mandai Bird Paradise, our ethos is intertwined with the very fabric of environmental sustainability. Our unwavering dedication to bird conservation not only shapes the experiences of our visitors but also underpins the core operations of our nature reserve. Striving beyond the joy of bird watching, we are deeply invested in nurturing avian species and protecting their habitats—crucial pillars that support the global call for environmental stewardship.

Our conservation efforts are a mosaic of strategic practices designed to have a minimum impact on the environment while maximizing our protective measures for both local and foreign avian species. We cherish each bird as a vital part of our natural heritage and embrace our role in safeguarding their future. The synergy between human interaction and natural divinity at our park serves as a means to educate our guests on the intricacies of ecosystems and the importance of each species’ survival.

Protecting Avian Habitats: Our initiatives extend to meticulously re-creating natural habitats that mirror the original ecosystems of our birds. From the dense foliage simulating rainforests to the recreated wetlands, every aspect of Mandai Bird Paradise is a step towards sustaining biodiversity.

Resource Conservation: We implement resource-efficient practices throughout our park, utilizing technology and innovative methods to minimize our ecological footprint. Our adherence to sustainable processes, such as water recycling and eco-friendly waste management, reflects our deep respect for the planet.

Education and Outreach: Understanding stems from awareness, and our educational programs are tailored to ignite a passion for bird conservation among our visitors. We foster environmental sustainability by involving our guests in a narrative that calls for action and empathy towards avian species.

Join us at Mandai Bird Paradise, and be a part of a collective journey towards a greener future. Together, let’s cherish and protect the beating wings that fill our skies with beauty, grace, and life.

Conclusion: Embracing Avian Splendor at Mandai Bird Paradise

As we take wing towards the final thoughts on Mandai Bird Paradise, we reflect upon its stature as a paragon of bird watching and bird conservation. Here within this verdant nature reserve, avian species of all kinds find sanctuary. Each visit unfolds as an educational odyssey, engaging with the vibrant life of birds amidst their meticulously crafted habitats. This is where families gather, bird enthusiasts revel, and casual visitors are transformed into nature’s advocates, all united in the harmony of feathers and flight.

Our mission transcends mere observation; it’s about fostering deepest respect and continuous support for bird conservation. We are privileged to offer a repository of knowledge and wonder, painting a picture of biodiversity that is both striking and imperatively protected. The essence of Mandai Bird Paradise lies in the shared experiences that our visitors take with them – moments of awe, understanding, and a renewed commitment to nurturing our precious environment.

We invite you to join us in this effervescent world, where the resonance of chirping, the dazzle of plumage, and the dance of wings epitomize the beauty of life. Mandai Bird Paradise is more than a bird sanctuary; it’s a living testament to Singapore’s dedication to nature’s splendor and the importance of its preservation. In the spirit of bird conservation, we thank you for your patronage, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you into the fold of those who have made bird watching a part of their cherished memories.


Where is Mandai Bird Paradise located?

Mandai Bird Paradise is situated within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve at 20 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore.

How many birds and species can be found at Mandai Bird Paradise?

The park shelters 3,500 birds across 400 species, offering visitors a glimpse into the vibrant world of avian life.

Are there any attractions for children at the bird park?

Yes, Mandai Wildlife West Entry has three free play areas themed after native Singapore species. These include the Pangolin Hideout and Forest Stream Trail, providing educational fun for kids.

What are the ticket prices and are there any available discounts?

Ticket prices start at $43.20 for adults with discounts available for local residents. The Local Residents’ Exclusive Promo offers a 20% discount. Visitors should check the park’s website for up-to-date ticket promotions.

How can visitors navigate through the park effectively?

Visitors can use the extensively crafted bird park map to explore the nine unique walk-through aviaries, each representing different world habitats.

What type of interactive experiences does Mandai Bird Paradise offer?

The park offers interactive experiences like bird shows at the Sky Amphitheatre and keeper talks, where experts share insights on avian care and bird conservation.

What are the transport options available to reach Mandai Bird Paradise?

There are multiple transportation options including MRT, connecting bus services like the Mandai Khatib Shuttle, and ample parking facilities with electronic parking systems for vehicles.

What sustainability and environmental practices does the bird park engage in?

Mandai Bird Paradise actively encourages and engages in sustainable practices that align with bird conservation and the health of avian species and their natural habitats.